Develop, Design, Decorate!

Multi Family

apartment life, model home, leasing office, rebrand, target market, photography

Increase traffic through online marketing by revamping, rebranding, and redeveloping a well designed show room for your targeted buyer. With new developments and up and coming neighborhoods, stand out from comps creating a Best First impression with Stage Level Design. 


show room, model home, staging, luxury, chic, decorate.

Develop a luxury lifestyle themed show room for your new construction neighborhoods. Unique furniture style and placement you can take with you to your next development as neighborhoods sell out. Fresh, chic custom planning and home decor critiquing a layout of furniture for traffic flow. 

Personalized Home Makeover

home decor, color schemes, space planning, blank canvas, interior design

Give your home a facelift with a new style today or get creative with a blank canvas of your newly purchased home. We build a personalized color schemes, space plan, and help your imagination come to life!

Commercial Offices

commercial office, office space planning, decor, furniture, design.

New property? New Office? Need a face lift? Contact us for quick and efficient service for your office space today!

DIY Projects

DIY projects, consultations, interior design professional advice.

We all love DIY projects, but sometimes we find so much on Pinterest, we stress out putting it all together. Contact Stage Level Design to help guide your project as you make it your own. 

Holiday Home Decor

holiday decor, home organization, decorate, interior design

Need help decorating for the holidays? Have a holiday party to plan? We can do it all for you or even with you! Spread your holiday cheer with Stage Level Design!